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queasy of a mushroom tile

 I had a dream involving myself, my Mom, and Jessica Fletcher (the author on Murder She Wrote, an old-ish TV show).

Apparently Mrs. Fletcher's latest manuscript just came back from her editor and now she wants my Mom and I to look at it. (Why? I don't know.) So as we're sitting down at some generic meeting room or waiting room type table she says something about there being a joke in here somewhere that she wants us to read. Then she hands us each part of her manuscript. My part starts on page 51 near the bottom. (Why page 51, I don't know... I want to know why the text started around the bottom of the page when it wasn't a new chapter.) My Mom and I make some comment(s) about how at least it's shorter than the bios my Grandfather sent out for the upcoming family reunion on everyone who might be there. My Mom didn't read them, she has better things to do with her time than read 60 pages of family biographical information. My comment suggests that it's actually 60 pages per person. And then we start to read.
It's almost like my Grandmother is talking in a letter to my Grandfather that might be read aloud. "The tile in the [characters] hotel bathroom is "queasy of a mushroom pizza" colored and I don't mean anything other than that about it, as Tanya should have just broken a plate when she gets home and hears that.
Next to the comfortable chair is a read Tom Clancy novel, and you should be grateful that there is a terror of a child next door that woke me at 2am as otherwise I'd be reading it again."
I woke up around then somewhere on page 52 and mightily amused by the tile description of the tile. I think some author out there needs to use that tile description... it's kinda great.
Tags: ficish, slice of life
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