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Master Post of Fics

Star Trek

Title: Genderswap-How to Cope 
and MPREG and You-Family Planning
Teen, for content referencing Gender Identity Disorder, for discussion of family planning--Teen is probably a bit of a high rating, but I feel better using this than a lower rating
Characters: References to Bones and Jim Kirk, References to Scotty
Bones sends out Starfleet Medical published informative pamphlets to patients' PADDs as it pertains to their particular case.

[Logo-Starfleet Medical]
This has been a production of the Starfleet Medical Office of "Oh Shit! Weird Stuff Does Happen To Us When We Go Where No One Has Gone Before, What Do We Do Now?"
(c) 2259
Warnings and Spoilers:
Misuse of the term Gender (I should have used Sex and am currently too lazy to fix it.) References to Gender Identity Disorder (though I don't consider it a problem to be feared, but rather worked through so that the individual affected a) has a body that matches their identity or b) accept their mismatched identity and body). MPREG
Series: Starfleet Medical Pamphlets

"Hi I'm Bones, dammit, I mean McCoy, Dr. Leonard McCoy."
Rating: Gen
Genre: humor
Characters: Bones, Chapel, mystery professor
Summary: See Title
Warnings and Spoilers: fluff

Title: What do Vulcans do When Confronted by a Pregnant Human Female?
Amanda Greyson/Sarek, Skon, Solkar, Sybok, T'Pau, T'Pol
Amanda becomes concerned by all the touching going on while she's pregnant with Spock on Vulcan.
Warnings and Spoilers: fluff

Title: Flashcards? Genius!
Rating: Teen
Genre: Slash
Characters: Hikaru Sulu/Pavel Chekov
Summary: Pavel is worried about keeping Hikaru's family straight when he meets them in a month.
Warnings and Spoilers: fluff, out of charcterness

Title: Kirk and the In-Class Discussion (Also Called Jim and the In-Class Discussion)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Gen, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: James T. Kirk, Professor Piper (OMC), Spock, Bones (Dr. Leonard H. McCoy), Galia, Uhura
Summary: Why doesn't the Professor care when Jim leaves the class, but does care when anyone else leaves?
Warnings and Spoilers: Tarsus Fic

Title:  Those are Some Big Boots You're Trying to Fill Son
Rating: Teen
Genre: Gen, Hurt/Comfort, 
Characters: James T. Kirk, George Samuel Kirk Jr., 
Summary:Sam has always wanted to grow up to be like his Dad.
Warnings and Spoilers: Tarsus Fic, disability

Stargate: Atlantis

Title: How the Smartest Man in Two Galaxies Says I Love You
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Slash
Characters: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Summary: "Being me is the best gig on the planet."
"That's how the smartest man in the galaxy writes a love letter."
"Knew you'd be a heart breaker."

Warnings and Spoilers: AU-BDSM
Related To: Ties That BInd by Keira Marcos, Written For the Million Words Drabble Celebration on the Different Roads Community

Harry Potter

Founder's Knights, Founder's Heirs
An Odd Bond
How Much Pater?
Family and Victory