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I've been hard at work getting my word count up. I want to try and get to 30,000 by Monday night. Why? Because I don't want to lose momentum and I want to finish this novel by the end of Thanksgiving day. Also since I've reached a 3000 +/- pace I want to keep it up. I plan to write more later today after I get some sleep. I think after I reach 25,000 I'll go brag about it. I'm feeling very accomplished, this is WAY more than I've written before. If this continues going well, I'm going to try my hand at original fic in January.

I hope Keira is doing okay. It feels way weird to seemingly have more written than she does.

:D Nano

My Nano now has a title!

The Truth of the Stars
/\ Nice huh? /\

I've been working away, and the frustration from Tuesday has mostly gone away. Those scenes are still missing, but I think I can convince JT to tell me about them after I get through what's turning out to be the sixth(?) chapter. You might be wondering how I'll get JT to talk to me, well he let me title the chapter that those scenes belong in, and he gave me some details in the chapter that follows those missing scenes.

I attended a write in again today, it was lovely, but when we left our location I was some 100 words from reaching the suggested daily word count of 1667, and feeling like I'd finally hit the Week Two tough spot. Thankfully driving seems to get my writing machine going (because I don't plot while driving, but I certainly get over writer's block while driving). SO by the time I got home I was able to start writing again.

I'm currently at...

Hopefully by the end of the night I'll reach the suggested cumulative word count of 18,334.

Edit @ 10:17 PM local

I did reach it, I in fact reached...

The scenes that JT wont talk about.

I ended day eight of nano on a high note,

feeling like I needed to imitate that cartoon and run around screaming in a circle I was so happy... even a bit terrified that this fannish novel is coming out of my brain!

But then...

I spent most of day nine at the same word count I ended day eight at, and became rather frustrated that JT was not telling me about how he rescues kids from town.

Finally I decided that I would just have to write some scene that is happening sometime after JT rescues kids from town in order to avoid...

So I skipped ahead to where Starfleet and the Federation are rescuing the citizens of Tarsus IV and managed to reach...

but I'm still frustrated because I wanted to get more written and I'd really like to know what JT is going to say about what happens between the tribe imprint that was making me cry on Monday and the rescue efforts.



I have eighteen pages, and nineteen percent of my novel written so far. This is something like three times as much as I've written for anything else. It's a bit scary. And I'm torn between being thrilled and shocked at how much I've written over the past six days. (I didn't start writing until the third.) My characters have been really talking to me today. Last night I set up the tribe imprint JT will be doing on the kids he rescued from Kodos. And today I've been typing up the imprint, while JT focuses his senses on the members of his little tribe they've been telling stories about their lives before the genocide. I didn't know any of what they've spoken about before they started telling me just before my fingers hit the keys as they spoke. It's kinda scary and thrilling to finally understand what people mean when they say that their characters talk to them.

JT is James T. Kirk and he's sixteen.
Tom is Thomas Leighton and he's seventeen.
Solvar is a Vulcan OMC (S'chn T'mai Solvar) and he's sixteen and has been on Tarsus IV since he was thirteen, he convinced his parents to send him to school here at Karidian Military Prep Academy.
Elizabeth Victoria and Mary-Anne Peters are twin 8-year-old OFCs who had a betazoid father. (I only found out that they're half-betazoid today, I knew they had some betazoid blood but no idea how much or through who.)
Kevin is Kevin Riley and he's ten. His parents ran Riley's Creamery, an ice cream shop on Tarsus.
Susan is an OFC, fifteen, the best babysitter on Tarsus, and apparently she has some Native American (or first nation) blood in her.
Cleo is another OFC, she's an Orion with dark green skin and dark hair who escaped the slave trade with her mother.
Matthew is a not quite OMC, as I got his name from a ST novel but I've completely messed with his age and so forth, he's ten and one of Kevin's friends from before Kodos kills half the colony. He's mentioned a couple times before this, but not fleshed out.


Long ExcerptCollapse )


Nanowrimo update

I'm nearly 6,000 words in, and over half way caught up to where I should be by the end of the day... 11669 words or so. Went to church this morning, had a nice gab session with some of the church ladies, came home, read and worked on Nano for a while, watched a bad movie with my Dad (something with Pierce Brosnan in it) and this popped into my head when he was reading the summary (skip to 5:32)

worked on nano while watching the movie and having dinner, noticed a water leak from the master suite down into the family room, listened to my parents go to bed, wrote more Nano, wrote this update. Sounds like a full day and it's not even 9:30 pm for me yet.

How is your novel going?

It's taking over my brain. And I can't seem to keep from typing. (YAY!)


So, it's nearing the end of day six here in Silicon Valley and I'm 3,874 words into my Sentinel-Star Trek crossover-fusion fannish novel thing. I'm excited, it's already longer than anything else I've written. Which is also a little scary. My eventual Beta process will be a pain, I can already tell.

I didn't start writing until the third, so while I am very definitely behind, I'm not too unreasonably behind yet. And I expect to easily pass 4,000 words before I go to bed tonight...

I've discovered that at least according to the writing buddies word counts on nanowrimo.org that I'm actually further along in my novel than two of my favorite fannish authors, one of my other online friends, and the two real life friends I dragged into this madness with me. It's a bit depressing that ladyholder and Keira have lower word counts than I do, but at least with Keira I know it's because of pain meds messing with her head. I hope she starts feeling better soon, and that whatever is holding ladyholder back moves otu of her way.

If you had to go an entire week without TV, music, or your mobile phone, which would you choose, and why?

My phone, except that my parents would kill me, because I hardly use it. I have it mostly so that I can reach my parents if something happens (read in case of emergency), so that I can get a ride home (if my Dad has the car), and so that if I'm out of the house they can check up on me (or I can check in with them).
So since the phone is out, I'd give up TV because there are only a few shows I watch, and missing (or delaying) the watching of one week's worth of shows wouldn't be too bad or difficult.